Quick tips to keep you poinsettia looking good

Poinsettias are beautiful and easy to care for.

Here are a few important things to remember to help keep your poinsettia looking cheerful until long after the holidays are done. 
  • Poinsettias can get cold damage very quickly. Keep them covered when transporting them to your home. If you see black edges on the bract, it is likely caused by cold damage during transporting home. To protect the plants, it is best to use a paper sleeve that fully covers the plant. Do not leave poinsettias in your trunk for even a few hours.
  • Poinsettias don’t like it above 70 degrees. If you keep your home warm or put the plant near a heat vent, it will not hold up well.
  • Poinsettias do not want to be wet. Most will only need water once per week. Pot covers hold water and drown the plant if not emptied.
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