Garden Rewards Program

Savings that grow with your garden!

Sign up and receive Garden Rewards! Wenke Greenhouse’s Garden Rewards Program is free to join and you’ll earn rewards every time you shop.


We truly appreciate your privacy!

We promise we will never share your email address, telephone number or information with anyone. If you ever decide you don’t want the E-News, you may opt out of the email list and still earn your points.

  • Earn $1 for every $35 purchased. (Discounted purchases and gift certificates excluded.) Use your reward points any time on anything except gift cards, Wacky Wednesday and the annual cart sale. Maximum of $20 worth of points redeemed per visit.
  • Reward points never expire!
  • Coupons and discounts throughout the year – extras with email option!
  • Free admission to Quick Classes. (Does not include workshops.)
  • Monthly e-newsletter with interesting ideas and information (if email is given).
  • Free soil when you order custom containers from our designer.

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