Good Neighbor Day

Wenke Greenhouses knows that beautification has a profound impact on all aspects of a community’s success.

In that effort, we have been donating plants, both flowers and vegetables, through individual donations as well as through our Good Neighbor Day Program. These donations provide many local churches, schools, non-profit organizations and local community gardens the opportunity to beautify their surroundings in an economy where flowers and plants can sometimes be last on the list or not on the list at all.  Many of these organizations have been able to create successful community vegetable gardens that can then provide for those who might otherwise go without fresh produce.

On specified days, pre-approved groups may come to our retail store and choose from product that is in a staged area.  There is no charge for any of this plant material.  We do ask that your group recognizes Wenke Greenhouses in a newsletter, bulletin, or other type of communication that is appropriate.  We will also give you a stake that has the words, “Plants donated by Wenke Greenhouses” that can be placed next to the flowers when they are planted.

Your group must fill out an application to be considered for participation. Once approved, you will then be directed to sign up for any of the Good Neighbor Days you would like to attend.

Please contact Laura at 388-2266 or if you have any questions.


Click here for GND application

2018 Good Neighbor Days

April 26, May 24, June 14, and October 4
2 pm – 5pm

GND events are not yet available for signup. Look for an email from Laura to indicate you can register on the website
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