New Tomato Varieties for 2015

Tomatoes are consistently the most popular vegetable in American gardens. From bite-size to sandwich-size, either red, yellow, or “black,” modern or old-fashioned, there is a tomato for every taste. We have added some wonderful varieties we encourage you to try this year.

New Tomatoes:

Mountain Merit – Resistant to early and late blight as well as tomato spotted wilt virus. Deep red 8-12oz fruit, great for slicing as well as canning. Determinate with a 4-5 week harvest.

Fantastico – Resistant to late blight. 1/2oz grape tomatoes with a sweet tangy flavor. Perfect for small gardens, 18” hanging baskets or tall containers. Crack resistant fruit. Determinate.

Genuwine – A cross of heirloom Brandywine and Costoluto Genovese. Producing delicious 10 – 12oz fruit. This indeterminate hybrid sets large amounts of fruit even in hot weather.

Super Sauce –  This disease free 5.5”x5” tomato has extraordinary flavor for creating superior seedless sauce. Also a great tomato for use on salads and burgers. Indeterminate.

Chef Orange – Bright orange inside and out. Color does not fade when cooked. 5 -6” beefsteak type fruit retain  ‘Amana’s’ delicious heirloom flavor. Disease resistant. Indeterminate.

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