Worm Composting

How would you like to turn your kitchen scraps into amazing nutrient rich soil that surpasses anything you can buy from a store? It’s pretty simple and easy if you use worm power. That’s right – I said worms! Worm composting (Vermicomposting) is a clean and odorless way to transform food waste into a rich fertilizer.

Not only can these red wigglers create the most nutrient rich soil, they will also help you reduce the trash you produce and keep things out of the landfill. Amazingly,one pound of worms can process up to 1/2 lb of food waste a day—almost 4 lbs each week.

How do they do it? Well, if I tell you, you have to promise that you won’t get grossed out. They poop it out. Yup, the compost is decomposition and worm castings (which is a much nicer word for worm poop.)

Now, some of you may think you don’t have space to compost but a worm bin will fit discreetly into a closet, garage, or pantry, making composting quick and convenient, especially for small-space gardeners and apartment-dwellers. And when done right, your compost bin should not smell. You can find ready-made bins available for purchase or you can make your own using readily available products and materials.

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