Houseplant Appreciation Day

January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day! You probably didn’t know that houseplants have their very own holiday, did you? It was established by The Gardener’s Network as a way to remind people about the benefits of having houseplants inside the home. If you are a gardener, houseplants give you an opportunity to play in the dirt, until spring arrives. Houseplants have been shown to be incredibly therapeutic especially during the winter months.

Houseplants are completely dependent on us for survival and generally receive less attention than their outdoor counterparts. I admit that I have neglected my share of indoor plants although I am getting better.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day, you might want to consider adding some plants to your own home decor or possibly gifting them to someone you love. Perhaps a small herb garden in your window sill to bring the delicious taste of fresh herbs to your meals. Or just spend some extra time with the houseplants you already have in your home. Is it time to fertilize? Maybe a little water?

If you are thinking of purchasing a few for your home or office, here are some easy care suggestions; Aloe, Pothos, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, English Ivy or Kalanchoe.  Kalanchoe is one of my faves right now as I have had a lot of luck with these flowering plants. Mine are in bloom right now.

Winter is a great time to add a houseplant or two and reap the benefits of beautiful greenery. A couple of small plants can help you through the rest of winter while they work to scrub the air of carbon dioxide and give out fresh, clean oxygen!

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