Nepeta ‘Catmint’ is a must have perennial for the garden

Nepeta (Catmint) are some of our best garden perennials, as they are long lived, very easy-to-grow, animal resistant and they feature a profusion of color in various shades of blue. When Nepeta’s stems are broken, they release an aroma into the air that tends to attract cats, thus its common name, Catmint. Nepeta loves sun and tolerates dry conditions. Cut back to the ground at the end of winter. One of the best plants to edge or plant under a rose bed. Cats enjoy it as much as catnip.

Nepeta grows well in a wide range of soil types, including dry clay. They grow well with at least a half day of sun, but flower best in full sun. And for pollinators, especially honeybees, catmints are an excellent source of nectar.

We have 3 types available (2018):

Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’– named after an English castle and not for its size, this cultivar has showy deep blue flowers on tall flower spikes. ‘Walker’s Low’ grows as a neat, non-suckering, well behaved plant and blooms for many months from late spring into mid-summer. Deadheading (shearing off the faded flower spikes just above the foliage) will encourage stronger re-blooming.

Nepeta ‘Blue Wonder’ – Gray-green, aromatic foliage gives way to a plethora of lavender-blue flowers in early thru midsummer. The relatively short stature of this variety makes it a good candidate for the front of the border.

Nepeta ‘Six Hill Giant’ –  One of the taller Catmint as well as one of the hardiest of the Nepetas, Six Hill Giant also has a much longer period of flowering. The plants are broad and vigorous, with prolific flowers, the color of deep violet blue. Cut back after flowering for a second flush.

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