Mezoo is a hit!

I love to try different plants in my garden and every now and then I come across a variety that is a real winner. That is how I feel about Dorotheanthus bellidiformis ‘Mezoo Trailing Red’. Wow, that is a mouthful, huh? Let’s make it easy and just call it Mezoo. I noticed this plant for the first time this past spring. I was looking for a variegated vine that would grow in part sun. Mezoo fit the bill and had pretty little flowers to boot. I planted some in a container with some elephant ears receiving part sun and some in a small container under my covered porch. Both flourished! I loved it and wanted more!

Mezoo is a tough-as-nails, trailing succulent with silvery green and white heart-shaped leaves and small, apple-red blooms on long, vine-like stems. Mezoo is perfectly suited as a “spiller” in hanging baskets since it tolerates the dry conditions which usually prevail there. It also works as a low-maintenance ground cover and a great container subject! Plant Mezoo with other succulents or sun-lovers like Angelonia. Give plants a good drink of water to wet the entire root ball, then let soil dry to touch before watering again. I really love how the flowers look against the glossy leaves. They are very showy flowers even though they are small.

So if you are looking for an easy and pretty ground cover, or some trailing plant (spiller) for your full sun/partial sun container design, Mezoo is a great option. I have even been able to overwinter some as a warm-window houseplant in bright light. It is doing beautifully!

Growing information about Mezoo Trailing Red

  • warm weather annual or a tender perennial
  • hardiness zones 9-11 but can be overwintered
  • thrives in full sun and partial shade
  • tolerates high heat
  • can be grown indoors in direct sunlight
  • safe for pets
  • needs well drained soil such as a cactus mix
  • water regularly but do not overwater; water only when soil feels dry
  • attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds
  • do not overfertilize; may benefit from a light feeding occasionally
  • fast growing
  • spreads about 20-24 inches
  • height about 6 inches
  • very versatile; great plant for hanging baskets, window boxes, rock gardens, fairy gardens, mixed containers, strawberry pots, and as a ground cover

Check out this video about Mezoo.

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