Inviting Fairies into your Garden

Do you have a fairy garden in your home or yard?

Fairy gardening has become a very popular trend in the world of gardening. Making a fairy garden can make you feel like a kid again and make the worries of the world go away.  It’s just you and your own perfect place. What’s not to like, right?

Fairy gardening/miniature gardening is creating scenes and garden areas using small plants and accents.  Your ideas and what you choose to create will make your garden truly a unique space.  A fairy garden can be in a container or could be installed in your garden outdoors. Fairy gardens can be set against a tree stump or inside on a small tray. You can use a dishpan, an enamel pan or flower pot, fill an old wheelbarrow, crate, a window box or a galvanized tub. The possibilities are endless.

Fairies are looking for places to live. If you make a little spot just for them, they will move right in.  It is believed that wherever fairies stay, they leave blessings.  In your garden, that could mean more flowers, bigger vegetables, lusher lawns, and happier gardeners!

A fairy garden can be innovative, colorful, magical, and should fit with your personality as well as the feel of the garden. Winter is a great time to start researching and looking for inspiration. If you haven’t considered it before, you might be swayed by looking at these inspirational gardens I have found. Which one is your favorite?

A fairy garden is also a great way to set up a magical gardening experience for children. They will enjoy creating and playing and hopefully find themselves immersed in the magical miniature garden for countless hours of play.

The ideas are endless and your imagination will be your guide on this fabulous journey of fairy gardening.

Be sure to stop by and check out our fairy gardens this spring.  We have been ordering in all kinds of fairy houses, accessories, accents, and everything else you will enjoy using for this creative hobby.  We will also have small interesting plants to help bring your scene to life.

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