Late Summer Rose Care

Hello Rose Fan! I have seen a few Japanese beetles, which is why I always recommend walking your garden every day. If you see holes in your rose petals then you might have them too. I have found the best remedy to be Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew – labeled safe for organics, a biological control for foliage feeding worms. Simply put, it messes up their digestion and they die. Spray it on after dusk, on dry leaves, and avoid spraying open flowers. This product will also help with Japanese Beetles and Aphids. It also will not harm beneficial insects like Bees and Ladybugs. 

It has been hot and dry enough that you should be watering twice a week. Remember to water around the base of the plant, not overhead. You also need to keep fertilizing so your roses will keep flowering. I fertilize every two weeks using several different products. Click here to read more about my fertilizing schedule.

You should also be deadheading your faded blooms to promote new flowers. When we start to get alternating temperatures of hot and cool, you might see Black spot. If this happens to your roses, you’ll need to spray weekly with a product like Neem oil or Espoma Earth Tone Garden Fungicide. These products are effective against Powdery Mildew, Rust, and Black Spot. When you see these problems, the sooner you take action the sooner you can get them under control.

Take care of your roses and they will do well all summer long.

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