Deer Resistant Vegetable and Herbs

Many gardeners have problems with Deer and other vegetarian wildlife. There aren’t any plants that are truly Deer proof. Fortunately, there are varieties that are less favorable or what we refer to as resistant. Any plant with an offensive aroma will irritate their sense of smell. They also tend to avoid plants that are fuzzy, prickly or bitter. Below are some of the best options to try.



Highly Deer- Resistant Moderately Deer-Resistant
Asparagus Beets
Carrots Bok Choy
Cucumbers Broccoli
Eggplant Brussels Sprouts
Fennel Cabbage
Garlic Cauliflower
Globe Artichokes Chard (safest in summer when the deer have other food choices)
Leeks Corn
Peppers Kale
Rhubarb Melons
Tomatoes Potatoes (reports of deer eating “toxic” potato leaves are becoming common)
Onions Rutabagas
Chives Summer Squash
Dill Winter Squash
Lavender Basil
Lemon Balm Cilantro

If planting resistant vegetables does not deter deer from your garden, you may need to consider more serious deer defenses such as barriers and fencing. Whatever you plant or whatever measures you take, one thing is certain, the struggle between determined gardeners and determined browsing deer will continue!

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