Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus is a festive, vibrant holiday plant known for its colorful tubular flowers. It is easy to care for and can be grown indoors throughout the year. Christmas cactus are triggered into bloom by a combination of day length and night time temperatures.

When you receive or purchase a Christmas cactus, it has already received the proper treatment for holiday blooming this season. When you get your cactus home, keep it in bright, indirect light. Day temperatures of 70° F and evening temperatures of 60-65° F are considered ideal. Be sure to water thoroughly, but let plant dry slightly between watering. It is especially important not to let soil dry too much during flowering.

Follow these step to encourage your existing Christmas cactus to bloom again…

  1. Expose it to 3-4 weeks of temperatures between 40° to 60° F, especially at night for about 12 -14 hours per day.
  2. After this, move the plant to where it receives average indoor temperatures and bright light.
  3. Your cactus should bloom in a few weeks.

Christmas cacti that are kept outdoors until night temperatures drop into the 40°s, are exposed to these conditions naturally. The naturally longer nights and cool temperatures in late summer will encourage flower development. They will usually bloom 4-6 weeks after you bring them indoors.


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