Bloomerang Lilacs – They Rebloom!

Enjoy the fragrance of lilacs for months instead of weeks.

While traditional lilac varieties bloom for a few short weeks in spring, Bloomerang’s fragrant flowers continue until frost.

This vigorous grower will add beauty and fragrance to gardens from spring to fall. When planted in mass they make a great choice for hedges as well. Just like all lilacs, the Bloomerang® will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden, but the Deer won’t care for the taste!

And while it needs a rest period during the heat of the summer, it will re-bloom in late summer. This compact, mounded variety fits easily into any landscape, and is ideal as a foundation planting or as part of the mixed border.

Bloomerang Lilacs like a full sun location with good drainage.  Prune after spring flowering; summer blooms appear on new growth.  Apply controlled growth release fertilizer in spring.  They get to be 4-5′ tall and 4-5′ wide at maturity and are hardy to zone 3.

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