Want to inspire children to eat healthy, exercise and become aware of the environment?

Get them involved in the garden.

Mixing plants, soil, water and sunshine with a bunch of kids is a winning combination. And, who knows, you may be even able to get them to eat their vegetables too!

A garden is a hands-on, living classroom. Gardening will teach them responsibility and patience; it helps improve life skills and helps form a positive relationship between the child and the environment. Gardening can also increase self-confidence, creativity and a love of nature all while providing much needed physical activity.

Here are some ways to get the kids involved:

  1.  Give children their own garden space (start with a large container or a few pots).
  2.  Involve children in the planning and design of the garden.
  3.  Start from seeds: sprouting seeds and nurturing the young seedling are a valuable part of the experience.
  4.  Provide them with lightweight, easy-to-handle, child-sized gardening tools.
  5.  Grow child-friendly plants such as sunflowers, corn, pumpkins, tomatoes and strawberries.
  6.  Plant flowers that attract butterflies and ladybirds.
  7.  Include a water feature, a birdbath or a sundial.
  8.  Show off their work. Attention given to their work is the best motivator for children to stay involved with a project.
  9.  Visit community gardens, farms or botanical gardens.
  10.  Plant a miniature or fairy garden
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