Try our Treasure Island Tahiti Sweet Potatoes!

Edible produce and foliage in 3 different varieties.

The Treasure Island series delivers months of color ground above as well as below. Leaves comes in unique shapes and colors, and the foliage tastes great in salads and smoothies. The edible roots also come in a variety of colors, are highly nutritious and are a great source of dietary fiber. Full Sun
They do best in evenly moist, well drained soil. Sandy soil is ideal for cultivating large tubers that will be harvested approximately 5 months after planting.

Sold in store in quart containers.


The ornamental sweet potato variety Treasure Island 'Makatea' is characterized by its very abundant growth. It climbs (or hangs) and is therefore particularly suitable for window boxes or as a screen on balconies and terraces. The decorative leaves of this sweet potato are heart-shaped and they have a fresh, slight green color that looks almost golden in the sun. They taste very good in salads. The white-fleshed tubers of the sweet potato Treasure Island 'Makatea' are mainly used for baking and frying or for mashed sweet potatoes and for various Caribbean recipes.


The ornamental sweet potato Treasure Island 'Manihi' has very dark, almost black, finger-shaped leaves.  The dark leaves of the sweet potato Treasure Island 'Manihi' can be eaten like spinach. It is very healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals. The tubers of this sweet potato variety, which are bright orange in color, are also considered superfood thanks to their high content of beta-Carotene. They can be used to make as smoothie, eaten raw as salad or cooked for various traditional and exotic recipes.


The beautiful sweet potato Treasure Island 'Tatakoto' inspires with its lush foliage of a rich bronze-green color. The leaves are finger-shaped with green leaf blades and very decorative with red leaf veins, which give the overall bronze-green impression. The leaves are edible and can be used like spinach for smoothies, salads or as a healthy, vitamin-rich vegetable. The flesh of the ornamental sweet potato variety 'Tatakoto' is bright orange in color and contains a lot of beta-Carotene. The purple skin contains additional anthocyanin and should therefore not be peeled but eaten with the potatoes.
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