Tax time and hummingbirds go together!

In Michigan, April 15th is not only tax day but it is also the time to put out our hummingbird feeders.

Although the hummingbirds we see in April will probably continue on their way up north, putting out feeders will help feed them on their way.  The hummingbirds that choose to nest in our area usually arrive around Mother’s Day. Being ready for these flying jewels is essential to keeping them coming back. Since there are not a lot of flowers blooming right now, this is a great time to put out clean feeders filled with fresh nectar. Also, putting out hanging baskets and container gardens will provide an instant food source for the birds. Be sure to bring both the nectar and the flowers inside at night to keep them from freezing if temps get too low. Hummingbirds have excellent memories for available food sources, so if they know they can rely on your yard for food, you’ll see them every year.

One major misconception about hummingbirds is that they only like red flowers.  While hummingbirds are attracted to red, they will feed on nectar from any color of nectar-producing flowers. So, it’s a great idea to have a red hummingbird feeder and even put out some red cloth to attract them, but you don’t have to worry about having red flowers to feed them. They will feed from any flower that has nectar. Read more about what plants will attract these hummers to your yard.

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