Supercal is Michigan Tough

I like to compare Supercal to Superman.  Both are super tough.  Yes, Superman can fly through the air but his weekness is Kryptonite.  Supercal will stand up strong to anything you can throw at it.  Supercal has become one of my favorite plants because it just keeps looking great all summer long.

I love Supercal for baskets and patios and flower beds – this is a plant that tolerated everything we threw at it! Early season cold – no problem! Extreme summer heat – no worry! Sunny and warm spots – piece of cake for Supercal!

Supercal’s does great in the heat of the summer. Remember how hot it was a few years ago? When everything else stopped blooming in the heat – Supercal kept on flowering and flowering. At my house it was the best flower in one of the hottest summers I can remember! We use Supercal in the “pots on poles” you can see from Sprinkle Road outside the store. Many people stop by to ask what it is because it looks so good.

Supercal has 6 colors – from last year we have a blue, rose and a vivid pink. New colors this year are a purple, a showy artist rose and terracotta. Supercal is a cross between a petunia and a calibrachoa – has round flowers and a nice green foliage color that grow in a nice ‘mounded’ plant habit – it grows up a bit before it hangs over the edge of a pot.

Supercal is easy to grow, I put them in hot and sunny locations in spots where the spreading mounds show off their flowers. Supercal looks fantastic in large hanging baskets, in patio pots or as a mounded ground cover in garden beds The only trick is to make sure you feed the plant frequently with plant fertilizer. I like to use a granular time-release food in the potting soil when I plant and then supplement with liquid plant foods during the season as Supercal and their cousins petunias and calibrachoa are all hungry feeders. Hot summer! Cold Spring! Bring it on – Supercal is Michigan Tough!

For more – check out the video – click here!

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