Ride the Wave with Wave Petunias

Wave® Petunias are perfect for your summer gardens. The abundant blooms will flower continuously all summer long in full sun. Wave® Petunias create a ground-hugging carpet of color and are perfect for flower beds, hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.

Plant the Wave® Petunias 12in. apart in planting beds and watch them spread up to 4 ft! These easy-to-maintain plants are ‘self-cleaning’ meaning there is no need for you to cut back or ‘dead-head’ the spent blooms. They will simply drop old blooms and grow new color all summer long! Plus, the ground-cover like tendencies of the Wave® Petunias create their own ‘weed-choking’ mat of color which not only prevents weed growth, but conserves moisture in the soil during the hot summer months.

Wave® Petunias will get “hungry” each week. Because of their vigor, a regular application of liquid fertilizer every 10-14 days will keep them well fed and blooming healthy all season. Follow the instructions on the label for correct dosage for your container size. Yellowing leaves or stringy branches is a sure sign your plants need a boost.

Check out the Wave website for great ideas on how to use wave petunias and also view some of the amazing photos in their gallery.

Perfect for gorgeous cascades of color in your hanging baskets, container gardens or planted in your flower beds.

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