Fertilizer is the most important reason why some gardeners have beautiful plants and others do not.  Fertilizer is to plants what food is to people.

  • Plants that get too little fertilizer will be thin, yellow, and weak and have smaller flowers and be more susceptible to diseases.  Plants that get too much fertilizer will be fat, weak, and not have as many flowers.
  • The art of gardening includes knowing how much fertilizer to give your plants.  At Wenke Greenhouses we put fertilizer in all our soil before we plant.  When our plants are two weeks old we give them a little liquid fertilizer every time we give them water.
  • In 7 days, start applying liquid fertilizer every 7- 14 days.  If you have sandy soil, you will need to apply more fertilizer than if your soil contains humus.
  • Plants in containers, like hanging baskets, need more fertilizer than plants in the ground. The reason being they dry out faster and regular watering leeches out any fertilizer that has not been used by the plant.  If you wait until your plants turn yellow before applying fertilizer, you have waited too long.
  • Just because a little fertilizer is good does not mean more is better.  It is much better to err by giving plants too little fertilizer than too much.  Most bedding plants will show the effect of fertilizer in three days and you can always add more.  Do not over fertilize, or the results may be lots of green foliage at the expense of blooms, and the plants may not recover before summer’s end.
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