Perennials for Fall Interest

Fall can be just as exciting as any other time in the growing season. As the days get cooler and the nights get longer, many plants are energized and triggered into their glory. The contrast of autumn perennials among the falling leaves can be magnificent. When a fall perennial looks its best will depend on the variety, the location it is planted and the type of weather we are experiencing.

Some plants will begin their show mid to late August. Others will wait almost until frost. Perennials planted in warmer exposures might develop several weeks earlier than in a cooler spot in the garden.

While blooms may be the most desirable part of a fall garden, don’t overlook plants with interesting and colorful foliage. Foliage generally lasts all season while flowers may be fleeting. Look at the shape and size of the leaves as well as texture and structure.  Texture and structure are two very important elements in a garden for all seasons.

When selecting perennials for their bloom, try to imagine what else will be blooming or what foliage plants will be nearby to compliment its flowers. The duration of bloom on perennials vary greatly.  Some lasting only a few days. Most bloom for 2-3 weeks and a few will bloom for a month or more.

Fall Perennials Summer Perennials
Autumn Joy Sedum Yarrow
Chrysanthemums Snakeroot
Asters Tickseed
Joe Pye Weed Fernleaf Bleeding Heart
Chocolate Joe Pye Coneflower
Japanese Anemone Blanket Flower
Goldenrod Wintergreen
Fall Crocus Sneezeweed
Turtlehead Perennial Sunflower
Garden Sage Perennial Hibiscus
Toad Lily Cardinal Flower
  Shasta Daisy
Fall Foliage Russian Sage
Lamb’s Ears Summer Phlox
Ornamental Grasses Obedient Plant
Ferns Culver’s Root
Ligularia Black-Eyed Susan
Lamium Grd Cover Veronica
Barrenwort Dahlia
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