All about Larry’s Rose Garden

My wife, Sue, and I have about 20 flower beds and 5 of them have roses in them. We have 2 water gardens and a lotus pond. Last year, we built a new greenhouse that has been a great addition to our yard. This allowed us to start our new plants a lot earlier this year. All the things that you see in the pictures were done by us with out any professional help.

We expanded the biggest front flower bed. I am now able to use a push mower because so much grass has been eliminated. My roses have been spectacular this season. I have a lot of David Austin roses. While many English gardens use mass plantings of a few varieties, I prefer to mix and match according to height and color.

My main priority is fragrance, so most of my roses smell really good with so many different fragrances. You will find old rose, tea rose, honeysuckle, myrrh, almond, citrus, spice, clove, and even licorice fragrance in my garden.

I hope that everyone’s roses are doing well. Remember to water and fertilize. Walking your garden every day will help you to find any problems early so you can take corective measures.

Have a rose question of your own? Larry can be reached at

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