Larry’s Rose Care Product Recommendations

Learn All About Roses from Larry Hill. Larry loves talking about roses and sharing his knowledge and love of roses with others.

Sometimes it seems there are as many kinds of rose care products as there are roses! Choosing between them can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to rose gardening.

To help ensure your success with roses, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite rose care products:

  1. Composted cow manure: It’s cost effective and won’t burn the roots of all your plants. I put a shovel full in with every new rose I plant and add some to all my other plants as well.
  2. Fish emulsion: It’s natural and fertilizes with lots of nitrogen. Roses love nitrogen. When fish fertilizers are used, the plant receives a controlled level of nitrogen, a vital element necessary for the production of chlorophyll and maintaining the health of the plant.
  3. Grass Magic: Grass Magic is a natural, pelletized, high nitrogen, slow release fertilizer that will feed for 3 months. It has many micro nutrients and 14 varieties of Mychorize fungus. These types of fungus form a bond with the roots and allow a plant to absorb water and nutrients much better. I use this product in the spring and fall, and I put it everywhere. I put it in my rose beds, flower beds, and my lawn.
  4. Bayer All in One: It has fertilizer, insecticides, and fungicied in one product. It’s systemic and is absorbed through the roots, not sprayed, so it doesn’t get into the air or on the surface of the plant. Just mix and pour around the base of the plant.
  5. Miracid: Miracid is a great supplement. Roses like acid soil. Neutral Ph is about 7.0. Roses like 6 . 2 to 6.5 Ph. This area has readings of 8.0 or higher. Lowering the Ph will help your roses to thrive.
  6. Mulch: Don’t forget to mulch your rose beds. Mulch is good for weed control and moisture retention.
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