Kid’s Plants – A Great Tradition by Effie Boven

Giving a free tray of flowers to children has been a tradition at Wenke Greenhouses for many years.  My grandmother, Nancy Wenke’s mother, Effie Boven, started this tradition years ago.  Many people have told me how they remember coming in and getting their free flowers and how much they remember it now that they are selecting flowers for their own homes as adults.  On Mother’s Day, it seems fitting to remember and celebrate this fond memory of Effie Boven.

Do you remember coming in as a young person and getting a free flower from Effie Boven? Many people also remember her dog Troubles who followed her everywhere. If you have a story you would like to share – please email me at

Planting flowers and watching them grow can be a great family activity. Giving each child their own special flowers is one of the things I enjoy the most about my day. So many kids seem to be excited about picking their favorite color or the plant that has the fun bloom. It’s a great tradition to celebrate.

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