Groundcover Spacing

How Many Plants Do I Need?

Ground covers need to be spaced at an appropriate distance so that plantings will be easy to maintain and so that all areas of the planting fill in at the same rate.  To calculate the number of plants needed, use the chart below.  This chart should be used based on the recommendations found next to the container size of each plant.  Spacing is based upon rate of growth and mature spread.

In general, these recommendations will allow your planting to fill in and become completely established in 1½ growing seasons.  Planting at the closest recommended distance may speed this to 1 season. The farthest recommendation may extend it to 2 seasons. The rate will vary depending on soil fertility, maintenance practices, irrigation, climate and the growth rate of the groundcover.

Find your square footage – Your first step is to measure the width and length of your garden bed. Next, multiply these two numbers to get the total square feet of planting area. Now check your plant tag, stake or label for the recommended spacing. Find the ‘spacing multiplier’ at the bottom of the column matching your plants spacing requirement. Multiply this ‘multiplier’ by the total square feet in your garden. This total is the number of plants you need.

Spacing 4” 6” 8” 10” 12” 15” 18” 24”
Multiplier 9 4 2.28 1.44 1 .64 .44 .24
Formula   Area X Multiplier = # of  Plants    


Example:        60 sq ft     x    .44       =   26.4 plants   =    26 plants


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