potting soil

Get the dirt on our soil!


We have our own special blend of potting soil called Wenke Blend.

Wenke Blend is very lightweight to provide aeration while also having good water retention abilities. It has the best ratio of peat, perlite and other ingredients that the plants need. No fertilizer is added to the mix so you can add your own based on the plants you are using.  Wenke Blend is the best soil to use in container gardens and many customers even use a half and half mix of Wenke Blend and regular top soil when planting in the ground. So consider giving your containers a good foundation and start with Wenke Blend. Your plants will thank you!

What our customers have to say about Wenke Blend…

“I have gardened for over 20 years and used a ton of dirt for mixing pots and I have NEVER seen/used anything like Wenke’s dirt.  It is so light and fluffy and even when it gets wet, it does not pack down hard on the roots like some dirt.  It is the only dirt I will ever buy from now on, so PLEASE don’t stop making it.”

“I have pots lined up against my house and the heavy rains always made a mess of my pots throwing dirt all over my house and all in my rock bed!.  Not Wenke’s dirt!  It stays put in the pot and no mess on the house or the rocks. Unreal!”

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