Fall Planting Guide for Mums

Planting in Flower Beds

  1. Choose mums that are still tightly budded.
  2. Gently tease the roots apart as you set out mums in their planting hole.
  3. Mums grow best in rich well drained soil. They prefer a position in the garden with at least a half day of sun. They also require plenty of air circulation around each plant.
  4. No fertilizer is required during the fall season.
  5. Water newly planted mums immediately after transplanting. During dry spells water as needed to keep plants from wilting.


Planting in Containers

  1. Lightly tease the roots apart as you would any transplant. Plant your mums using a quality potting mix. Do not use top soil from your yard or garden as it is too heavy.
  2. Fall planted mums do not require fertilizer.
  3. Water your container as soon as you finish planting it. Water before signs of wilting appear. Do not allow your mums to dry out.
  4. Containers should receive at least a half day of sun.
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