Decorating with Cut Greens

Cut greens are perfect for bringing any home to life in a season when the garden is closing down. Cold weather or not, we still use our entryways, front doors and driveways and it is important to keep these places welcoming, not just for others but for our own sense of well being.

One of the most popular and effective ways of using cut greens is in planters or urns at your front door, driveway or walkway. Already existing planters and window boxes can be left in place, soil and all. Cut greens, in various lengths and types, can be simply stuck into the soil and “arranged” to great impact. Use berries and pine cones or any natural material you have available to add interest.Grouping planters and urns of different sizes can make a big impression. You can even take it one step further and add some white lights to give some sparkle to your display.

Garlands can be wrapped around columns or poles of the house, porch railings, fences and mailbox posts on the outside. For your front door, a simple spray of evergreens, birch branches, berries and pine cones is easy to make. Gather the items, wrap the end with floral wire, add a loop hanger, wrap with a ribbon and make a large bow.

We used to say that the decorating possibilities are limited only by your imagination but with sites like Pinterest and HGTV, you can go beyond your imagination and easily find creative inspiration. Whatever you decide to do, fresh cut greens can help bring the spirit of the Christmas holiday into your home.

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