Create a Hummingbird Garden

The ruby throat is our only hummingbird in Michigan. The primary element in a successful hummingbird garden are bright tubular nectar rich blossoms. Gardens can be supplemented with feeders but hummingbirds will always choose their natural food source first.

Hummingbirds also appreciate a nearby spot of shade for rest. Hummingbirds do not use bird baths. Hummingbirds bathe on the “fly.” If possible, provide a mister or overhead sprinkler for them to fly through.

When creating your hummingbird garden try using multiple levels of plants. Vines can be planted against a building, tree trunk, trellis, or arbor. Try small flowering shrubs or bushy plants in front of your vines. Ground covers make a great living mulch conserving moisture and reducing weeds. No ground for a planting bed? Give mini gardens a try in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. With so many plants to choose from almost anyone can be rewarded with visits from these tiny winged wonders. The plants listed here are just a starting point:

Annuals/Perennials Vines
Agastache Cardinal Climber
Ajuga Honeysuckle
Aquilegia Scarlet Runner Bean
Cleome Mandevilla
Fuschia Trumpet
Lantana Shrubs
Monarda Buddleia
Nicotiana Flowering Quince
Penstemon Hibiscus
Petunia Rose of Sharon
Salvia Tartarian Honeysuckle
Verbena Weigela


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