Brunnera Jack Frost – a Terrific Shade Perennial!

This plant is terrific for adding color to shade gardens plus it’s deer resistant and easy to grow.

When you think of shade gardens, most people think of hostas.  I’m a believer in hostas also but I must say that I have found a new best friend in Brunnera Jack Frost.  This variety has beautiful silver like leaves that almost shimmer.  I might go so far as to say they glow in a shade garden.  In the early spring, Jack Frost has hundreds of pretty light blue flowers covering the foliage.  Mid-summer the flowers are gone but you still have the interesting foliage.  And for those of you who have deer who think of your yard as a bed-n-breakfast like the deer around my house, you’re going to absolutely love brunnera.  The deer don’t seem to eat this plant which is wonderful!  (I have found them sleeping in the bed but they eat the hostas for breakfast instead.)

You may not have noticed Brunnera Jack Frost before because it traditionally doesn’t look great in the gallon pot when you see it in the store.  Don’t let that stop you from trying this great plant.  It’s a strong, three season perennial in this part of Michigan and a plant that I’d highly recommend.

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