Benefits of Indoor Gardening

Did you know that plants make you happier? Improve your health? Help you save money?

They do all that and more!

Of course, gardening outdoors is only possible during the warmer months so the solution in winter is gardening indoors with houseplants.

Gardening has been shown to be a form of therapy. Something that helps fight depression, provides exercise and reduces stress. More than one study has shown the people who grow their own food are likely to make better food choices and eat more fresh produce. It only makes sense that after you’ve put time and effort into a plant, you’re going to appreciate what it produces a lot more and be less likely to go to waste. Yes, it can be hard work sometimes, but most find that in the end it is worth it.

Recently, a member of a plant group I belong to on Facebook, asked us our culture values and what a plant represents to those in our green thumb community. Most answers said something about the calming effect gardening had on their lives. Here are a few of the responses.

  • “I can't speak for anyone else, but for me plants make me have a sense of achievement, watching something grow and become a beautiful part of my life really makes me happy, or bringing one back to life. Having the plants around me gives me a calm feeling, and it gives me something to look forward to doing, not just the everyday hustle chores. Plants are my escape from the crazy everyday world.”
  • “A plant to me represents Mother Earth. I love her and want to care for her. I love nature so having it indoors brightens my mood. As far as culture values, I think we tend to respect nature and appreciate it. Also, that we are dedicated as in we are always researching how best to care for our plants. And perseverance because loving plants means losing plants.”
  • “For me a plant represents growth and resilience. If I can bring a plant back from the brink of death than I can do the same for myself. I am a recovering addict and plants have been a form of therapy for ever since I’ve been sober.”
  • “Plants are my escape from the rat wheel to do something I want to. I find them calming bringing the outdoors in, it settles my anxiety”
  • “In my house they represent strength and growth. I've always preferred green leafy plants over flowers and the more intriguing ones. When I look at a plant that is happy and healthy it looks so strong and stable, and it only gets stronger as it grows. It's a really rewarding feeling when you realize that you are taking care of that plant is the reason that plant holds its strength and continues to grow.”

Indoor plants will increase humidity and reduce carbon dioxide. These two benefits can reduce headaches and cold related illnesses. Plants and flowers in the home or office can increase our sense of happiness and well-being. This in turn contributes to a calmer more optimistic state of mind.

A study at University of Michigan shows being outside or in the presence of plants can increase memory retention as much as twenty percent. It has also been shown that neighborhoods with landscaped parks tend to have a higher level of physically active residents and a reduced crime rate.

Doesn’t this make you want to go out and buy a houseplant or two to help get you through the rest of the winter? I know I do!

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