Beautiful and Good for You Too!

Did you know that plants are really beneficial in addition to being beautiful?

There are so many ways that plants make the world a better place.  Most of us reading this know how good plants make us feel.  This article will just give you a few more reasons to enjoy your flowers even more. 

We’ve known for years that plants are beneficial in producing oxygen. Research has now found that plants also produce many other health benefits.

  • Studies show that plants and flowers in the home or office increase our sense of happiness and well being. This in turn contributes to a calmer more optimistic state of mind.
  • Studies show that hospital patients with a garden view recover more quickly than looking at the walls or into hallways. When we are calm or relaxed we tend to have a decrease in blood pressure, another health benefit to most people.
  • Plants in a room will increase humidity and reduce carbon dioxide. These two benefits can reduce headaches and cold related illnesses.
  • Aloe can be applied to the skin for pain relief such as burns.
  • Plants remove airborne contaminants and return clean air to us.
  • A study at University of Michigan shows being outside or in the presence of plants can increase memory retentions as much as twenty percent. It has also been shown that neighborhoods with landscaped parks tend to have a higher level of physically active residents and a reduced crime rate.
  • Participating in gardening and landscaping activities is also a great way to get in exercise.
  • Gardening is a nurturing activity and is a very good way for trauma victims to work through physical or emotional healing.

Never underestimate the value of plants in our daily lives. Indoors or outside they benefits us physically and emotionally.

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