Basil Collection

As we all strive to maintain healthy diets with flavorful food, cooking with fresh herbs and veggies becomes normal kitchen practice. Basil plays a large part in any herb garden and our new collection covers all the basil bases.

We have two types of sweet basil: the traditional variety as well as the wonderful basil Genovese with larger, darker leaves. Because they grow at different speeds, it is best to plant both to provide a constant supply for the kitchen. Two interesting small-leaf basil are Spicy Globe and Boxwood. Spicy Globe has an amazing sharp flavor and Boxwood looks as good in the garden as it does on the plate. To add both spice and color to a salad or meal, try Red Rubin’s purple-red leaves.

Basil is easy to grow in warm, sunny gardens or patio containers. Enjoy it’s fragrance and keep the scissors handy for harvesting leaves and removing flower stems!

Watch this video to learn more about our basil collection.

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