Hot, sunny and a bit dry? Those are perfect conditions for a big show of color from Angelonia, a summer garden favorite.

Some people call angelonia the “summer snapdragon” because its blooms are spiky and a bit tubular. But snapdragons are cool-weather plants while angelonia thrives in hot, sunny weather. Also like snaps, angelonia will attract the occasional hummingbird or butterfly.

Angelonia is perfect in mixed containers as a thriller or a filler. For garden beds, try planting odd-numbered groups of angelonia for an amazing display of color. Mass planting are spectacular. As the growth habit is upright, space angelonia about 8-10 inches apart.

No special care is needed for angelonia planted in a sunny location. Once roots are established, do not overwater. Normal plant feeding is fine.

Watch this video to learn more about Angelonia.

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