2020 Tomato Variety List

Offering more than 50 different kinds of tomatoes to enjoy this
summer! Find your favorites or try something new!

Please be aware we do sell out of some varieties faster than others. We do not guarantee that all varieties will be available.

Planting tips: Tomatoes should be planted outdoors when the soil temperature is 55-60°F, positioning 2/3 of the plant below the soil line. Keep well-watered and free of weeds. Best in organic-rich, well-drained soil. Apply a fertilizer formulated for tomatoes following label guidelines. Full Sun

Determinate = Ripens over 3-4 weeks on bushy vines that usually need little or no staking.
Indeterminate = Vines continue to grow and produce fruit all season until frost. Large vines will need support.

Disease Resistant Definitions: Verticillium Wilt (V), Fusarium Wilt (F), Fusarium, races 1 and 2 (FF), Fusarium, races 1, 2, and 3 (FFF), Nematodes (N), Alternaria (A), Tobacco Mosaic Virus (T), Stemphylium (Gray Leaf Spot) (St), Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV)

Description Features I or D Days to Mature Fruit Size Ideal for: Type Disease Resistance Plant Height Plant Space
 Better Boy All-around consistent performer, trusted by home gardeners for its productive crops, resistance to disease, as well as high quality fruits. I 70-75 1lb Ideal for your vegetable garden Slicing VFN 24-36" 24-36"
Beefmaster Flavorful, meaty red fruit weighs up to 2lb (1kg)! Disease resistant. I 80 1-2lb Ideal for your vegetable garden Beefsteak VFN 6-8' 24-36"
Beefsteak This classic summertime favorite has light red skin and very meaty, juicy flesh. Great for eating fresh in salads, slicing for sandwiches or canning. I 75-80 10-32oz BEST FOR SANDWICHES Beefsteak 36-48" 24-36"
Better Bush Better Bush' is the perfect choice for gardeners that have limited space but want to grow their own beefsteak-type tomatoes. The plant is more upright and bushy, which means it can be grown in large containers on patios. This variety will produce a continuous supply of sweet and meaty tomatoes that are delightful for salads and sandwiches. I 70-75 6-8oz BEST FOR PATIOS Slicing VFN 24-36" 24-36"
Big Beef (AAS) Vigorous plants produce heavy yields. Large fruits have thick walls and meaty flesh. Great for eating fresh in salads, slicing for sandwiches or canning. I 78 10-12oz BEST FOR OVERALL PERFORMANCE Beefsteak TVFFNAst 24-40" 24-36"
Biltmore Deep red, globe-shaped fruit that is slightly tart and very flavorful. Excellent for canning, juicing and eating fresh. D 70-75 8-10oz BEST FOR ALL-AROUND Slicing VFFASt 24-36" 24-48"
Brandywine Pink The flavor of this heirloom variety will delight! Large meaty tomatoes are excellent fresh or cooked for sauces, pasta dishes or casseroles. I 75-80 14-16oz NATIONAL FAVORITE HEIRLOOM Heirloom 24-36" 24-36"
Brandywine Red The flavor of this heirloom variety will delight! Large meaty tomatoes are excellent fresh or cooked for sauces, pasta dishes or casseroles. I 75-80 8-12oz NATIONAL FAVORITE HEIRLOOM Heirloom 24-36" 24-36"
Burpee Big Boy A popular variety with thick walls and meaty flesh. Heavy foliage protects fruit from sunscald. Great for eating fresh in salads, slicing for sandwiches or canning. I 78 8-10oz Ideal for your vegetable garden Slicing 24-36" 24-36"
Candyland Red Dark red fruit is round, smooth, and just about half an inch in diameter, weighing in at ¼-ounce, yet every bit is packed with supersweet, rich flavor. You will quickly get used to grabbing a handful of Candyland Reds every time you enter the vegetable garden -- they're a wonderful snack straight off the vine! Smaller than cherry tomatoes, currants are just one quick bite: intensely flavored yet so tiny! If you are new to growing this veggie, make Candyland Red Hybrid your way to start. The garden performance will astound you, and the flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way. I 55-60 .25oz BEST FOR SNACKING Cherry 40-48" 24-36"
Celebrity  A classic tomato with excellent taste. Strong stems produce large, glossy fruit. Great for eating fresh in salads, slicing for sandwiches or canning. AAS winner D 72 7-8oz BEST FOR LATE PICKING IN CONTAINERS Slicing VFFNTASt 36-48" 24-36"
Champion II Abundant large, firm red fruits are excellent for eating fresh from the vine. Cut in quarters and add to a fresh salad, or slice for sandwiches. I 65-70 8-10oz BEST FOR BLT'S Slicing VFFNTA 36-40" 24-36"
Chocolate Sprinkles This cherry tomato has it all: good looks, great flavor, heavy yields, and disease resistance. Bite-sized, cherry-type fruits are beautifully colored — red striped with dark green — that explode with rich, robust flavor. This highly productive plant forms its fruit in clusters, and starts bearing early in the season. Support Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato with stakes or sturdy cage at planting time. I 55-60 days 1-1.5" ideal for snacking cherry snacking FNT 60-84" 24-36"
Delicious Gigantic red meaty tomato that is flavorful and juicy with very few seeds. Perfect slicing tomato. Fruit resists cracking and stores for weeks. 77 BEST FOR JUICE 4-5' 24-36"
Early Girl Dependable large harvests early in the season. Disease resistant. I 52-62 5oz BEST FOR EARLY PICKING Slicing VFF 24-36" 24-36"
Fantastico Super-compact grape tomato just right for 18-inch hanging baskets, large containers, and the vegetable garden. Its fruit ripens in no time, harvests easily on big clusters hanging around the outside of the plant, tolerates late blight, and has a rich, tangy tomato bite. D 50 days .5oz great for small gardens and patios Grape snacking LB 36" 24-36"
Health Kick Juicy, plum-shaped fruits weigh about 4 ounces and are strongly disease resistant D 72 Slicing Plum VF 36-48" 24-36"
Heirloom Big Rainbow Bi-colored beefsteak tomatoes with gold flesh with beautiful red streaks running throughout. As fruits ripen they have a rainbow appearance: greens on the shoulder, yellow, orange, gold in the middle, and red on the blossom end. Fruit often has dynamic red splotches inside and on bottom. Very juicy and fruity sweet. Good disease resistance. A late producer. Great for slicing thick into sandwiches or salads. I 90 days 16oz Ideal for your vegetable garden Heirloom 36-40" 18-24"
Heirloom Black Krim (Carbon) An early heirloom variety. It has an unusual juicy yet meaty taste and texture with a hint of smokiness. Great for slicing and sandwiches. I 69-90 BEST FOR EATING RIGHT OUT OF THE GARDEN Heirloom 36-40" 24-36"
 Black Prince Flavorful, mahogany-brown tomatoes that become orange-red at blossom end. Deep color in sunnier locations.Juicy and flavorful. Perfect eating fresh right off the vine, for sandwiches, salads, slicing, canning, and making sauce. I 70 3-6 oz Best for growing in cool climates Heirloom 60-80" 48"
Heirloom Marriage Big Brandy The same good looks and flavor of an Heirloom, only better yields and earlier maturity. I 75-80 days 12-15oz BEST HEIRLOOM PINK Heirloom 5-7' 24-36"
Heirloom Marriage Cherokee Purple Abundant fruits have unique purple, green and brown flesh and a great smoky flavor. Thick, rosy brown skin resists cracking. Great eaten fresh and in salads. I 72-90 10-12oz Ideal for your vegetable garden HEIRLOOM MARRIAGE 24-36" 24-36"
Heirloom Marriage Genuwine Slicer tomato is a cross of two heirlooms (Costoluto Genovese x Brandywine) that creates a tomato with all of the flavor of both with fewer of the fruit blemishes. I 75-80 10.5-11.5oz Ideal for your vegetable garden Heirloom Marriage 60-84" 24-36"
Heirloom Marriage German Johnson Recommended for higher productivity in a pink heirloom. Fruits have lots of deep, acidic tomato flavor and a rich, creamy texture. I 76 12-24 oz Heirloom Marriage 48-72" 36"
Heirloom Marriage™ Cherokee Carbon The same good looks and flavor of an Heirloom, only better yields and earlier maturity. I 75-80 10-12oz Ideal for your vegetable garden Heirloom Marriage 5-7' 18-36"
Heirloom Marzinera Roma/paste type tomato is a cross of San Marzano and Cream Sausage. Best grown in ground. Great for cooking. I 70-75 Heirloom 5-7' 3-4'
Heirloom Mortgage Lifter Legendary variety bears fruit that average more than 2 lb with a mild flavor and few seeds. It offers big, delicious slices for sandwiches. I 75-80 days BEST FOR BIGGEST HEIRLOOM Heirloom 36-48" 24-36"
Heirloom Old German Hearty 1-lb. heirloom boasts beautiful color outside... extraordinarily sweet, yellow flesh with few seeds inside! I 75-80 16 oz Ideal for your vegetable garden HEIRLOOM 24-36" 24-36"
Heirloom San Marzano Quite possibly the best sauce tomato available! A favorite among gourmet chefs, this paste tomato has firm meaty flesh and very few seeds. I 85 BEST ITALIAN FOR SAUCE Heirloom 24-36" 24-36"
Heirloom Yellow Pear Pear I 74 days Ideal for your vegetable garden Heirloom
Jet Star easy to grow, has a sweet flavor, and is uniformly red. mild, low-acid I 72 8-16 ounces slicing
Jubilee Golden Higher in Vitamin C and lower in acid. Bright Orange tomatoes are meaty and flavorful. Good yields. I 80 8 oz 48-60" 24-36"
Juliet Hybrid Grape Somewhere between a grape and a Roma tomato is Juliet. Plump, deep red, ultra-sweet yet meaty little fruits just 2 inches long and about 1½ inches in diameter, they hold up to 2 weeks on the vine, resist cracking, and offer nonstop production all season long! I 60 days Ideal for your vegetable garden grape
La Roma III Bright red pear-shaped fruit are thick and meaty with few seeds. Great tomato for cooking and canning. I 76 BEST FOR SALSA PLUM/Salsa VFFN 24-36" 24"
  Lemon Boy Beautiful bright yellow fruit with mild flavor. Plants adapt well to variable conditions. Wonderful in fresh salads or vegetable trays. I 75-80 7oz BEST FOR REDUCED ACID Slicing VFN 24-48" 24-36"
Little Napoli Roma type fruit bred for container gardens. Impressive yields. Great tasting as a garnish and salads. 60-65 BEST COMPACT ROMA PLUM/Sauce 24-36" 24-36"
Midnight Snack Unique indigo-type cherry tomato ripens to red with beautiful glossy black-purple overlay when exposed to sunlight. I 65-70 days 0.5oz Ideal for you vegetable garden CHERRY garden
Mountain Merit A mild, true tomato flavor that has a deep red color inside and out. Firm texture makes them perfect for slicing and sandwiches. 75 BEST FOR BLIGHT RESISTANCE Slicing 48-60" 18-36"
Park's Whopper Highly productive vines produce great tasting, extra-large Tomatoes. I 65 14oz Ideal for your vegetable garden Slicing VFFNT 24-36"
Pineapple Large, beefsteak-type tomato that ripens to a beautiful bright yellow, often with red stripes. The flesh is mild flavored. I 85-95 BEST FOR LARGEST BI-COLOR Heirloom 36-48" 36-48"
Pink Girl Medium-sized pink fruits are low acid and resist cracking. Their rich flavor makes them perfect for eating fresh, sliced in salads or in cooking. I 76 BEST PINK TOMATO Slicing 24-36" 24"
Purple Boy Sweet taste, beautiful color and improved disease resistance. Slice and eat alone, or add to salads and sandwiches. I 80 BEST FOR SANDWICHES Slicing VFNT 24-36" 24-36"
Rapunzel Plants produce unique, long cascading trusses with very flavorful, bright red cherry tomatoes. The perfect addtion to salads and veggie trays. I 65-70 .5-1" BEST CHERRY FOR KIDS TO GROW Cherry 5-7' 18-24"
Rutgers This popular variety produces heavy yields of juicy, flavorful red Tomatoes. I 75-80 8oz Ideal for your vegetable garden Heirloom 24-36"
SunSugar The ultimate cherry tomato, very sweet, yet capturing tangy true tomato flavor. The deep golden-yellow, 1/2 ounce fruits are very crack resistant which is quite remarkable considering their very thin skin. Sets fruit early and in huge quantities. I 60-70 Ideal for your vegetable garden CHERRY 18-24"
Super Fantastic Solid, meaty, smooth-skinned fruit that produce all summer long. I 70-75 BEST WELL ADAPTED VARIETY Slicing 36-48" 24-36"
Supersweet 100 This variety produces clusters of extremely sweet, bite-sized fruit. I 65 1oz Ideal for your vegetable garden Cherry VF 6-8' 24-36"
Sweet 100 Cherry Hybrid cherry variety that produces incredibly tasty fruit. A staple in the home garden because fruit are tasty and plants produce large quantities for a long time throughout the season. I 65 .75-1" Ideal for your vegetable garden CHERRY 4-5' 24-36"
Tidy Treats Tons of fruit power on a compact plant! Good in small-space gardens and containers, but unlike other patio types, Tidy Treats continues to produce red cherry tomatoes all season. Habit stays compact like a determinate but produces like an indeterminate. Best in containers or in-ground grown with support. I  50-55 days .75-1" Great for your container Snack VF 36-60" 24-36"
Tomatillo Grande Rio Verde The Rio Grande Verde tomatillo is a sweet tomatillo that is great for green salsas or pies. 75 3oz BEST FOR SALSA salsa 24-36" 24"
Topsy Tom Best for growing in Hanging upside down planters. Expect high yields of sweet bite-size tomatoes. Semi-determinate plant produces one main crop of tomatoes and new branches will continue to produce small clusters through the season. Semi  50 days 1-1.5" Great for your container CHERRY 18-24" 15-18"
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